At the beginning there was the word AKHE. It was empty, and so it sounded and meant nothing. Over the years word has accumulated shape, valence and specific weight. Especially curious began to develop associations and aftertaste.
Now, 32 years later no one has any doubt that AKHE is an engineering theatre.

The word AKHE filled with meaning, the wine took the shape of a bottle, the Bologna cloak snapped the electricity, and that’s right. The artists who first spoke AKHE seriously consider themselves demiurgists, they consider any space to apply their powers. Sometimes they rely on a human being, less often an actor, but more often they rely on metaphors to materialize them. The AKHEans believe that combinations of objects have rhymes and diphyrambs, and time must be measured in space.

Within the word AKHE Maxim Isaev and Pavel Semchenko are artists and deconstructors, founding fathers and children playing with matches; Vadim Gololobov is a dark light separator, a recorder of the group and at the same time a surgically accurate manager; Nick Khamov is an inventor, icarus and man able to pacify all elements – water, fire, air and earth. Lots of artists from all over the world, bringing their own voice, language, each time leading to a new object.

But the void within the word still remains…