The “Danging Gardens” at the Yellow Mill

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On June 3 and 4, the “Dancing Gardens” at the Yellow Mill, the coolest event of the beginning of the summer in Paris. And our “Icarus” will dance along with everyone.
The “Icarus” performance is based on the ancient myth of a man escaping from captivity by means of levitation. The story line of our performance turns into a tight spiral of relationships between Daedalus, Icarus and the Minotaurus around the central axis of the performance – Freedom.
The “Icarus” includes restored elements of the engineering AKHE ballet, invented details of the ancient mystery “partridge dance”, lost fragments of the swinging bas-reliefs of the fair carousel and the shadow of the waltzing Eiffel Tower.
Whoever comes this weekend will not fail, overdance and deep rest and many surprised meetings are guaranteed.
Photo: Vlada Rusina