1997: Critics’ Prize for the best performance «White Cabin» at the UNIDRAM Festival (Germany)
2000: Jury Prize at the ARENA Festival (Germany) for the performance «White Cabin».
2001: Jury and Public Prize for the performance «SINE LOCO» at the ARENA Festival.
2002: Diploma for the best performance «White Cabin» at the Belo Horizonte Festival (Brazil).
2003: «Innovation» Award at the Golden Mask Festival for the play «SINE LOCO». Saint-Petersburg(Russia).
2003: Fringe First Award and Total Theatre Award at FRINGE Festival (Edinburgh) for the play «The White Cabin».
2004: Grand Jury Prize at the Mimos Festival in Perigue (France) for the performances «White Cabin» and «Mr. Carmen».
2015: Jury Prize at the Lalka Też Człowiek Festival in Warsaw (Poland).
2020: Breakthrough Award to Nick Khamov in the nomination «best artist» – for creating scenography and cinematography for the play «FAUST. LABOR»(Russia).
2020: Grand Prix «Pop Mechanics» Nick Khamov, AHE Engineering Theater «FAUST. LABOR» (Russia).
2022: The Golden Mask Award Maxim Isaev in the nomination «DOLLS /DIRECTOR’s WORK» with the play «The Tale of the Golden Cockerel» of the Karlsson Haus Theater. (Russia).
2022: The award of the Festival of Theatrical Art «Harlequin» Nick Khamov in the nomination «The best work of a production designer» with the play «Feathers» in Uppsala Circus. (Russia).