Premiere: 2016
Genre: Movement figures
Duration: 50 minutes

Production: AKHE Engineering theatre
On stage: Maksim Isaev, Nik Khamov, Zhenya Anisimov, Alexander Koshkidko, Vadim Belopukhov, Alexander Khromov.
Objects: Maxim Isaev, Nick Khamov
Music: Denis Antonov
Video: Georgy Mamatov, Kirill Malovichko
Light: Yuri Galkin
Organizational support: Vadim Gololobov, Maria Tavapova

About the performance:
The music of the celestial spheres flows down the wires of aspiration.
Pendulums draw on the sand of days the trajectory of the future.
“What is above is below,” Hermes Trismegistus sings into his beard.
People are scratching their heads and horizons of desire.
Monochords vibrate, planets change orbits.
The planetary Fugue begins.