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We continue to explore human motives and elemental interactions. why the desire for freedom burns, and inventions can lead to death. what is the golden mean and what is the connection of the beach with the cobblestone from the labyrinth. Our experimental show this time will appeal to the father of Icarus, the first pilot on earth and the inventor of the labyrinth – Daedalus. Or, to be more precise, the wonders and mysteries of the Labyrinth as a prison itself. The stone hall of the theater L’Epee de Bois is perfect for this purpose.

Having jumped out of the absurdity of the totalitarian reality novadays, the theater akhe takes a cautious step into the tragedy of the ancient past.

In its first milestone performance DEDALE,  Akhe theater analyzes in detail the well-known myth about a man who found an engineering solution for the practical implementation of his dream.

Become free.

Escape from captivity and the price of freedom – under such angles, archaic history and fragile reality are refracted in the prism of mechanized akhe-scenography and apear dynamic sculpture DEDALE.

This is a detailed visual narrative made up of moving figures, a new circus, absurd clowning, empty space and time. it’s a subjective reconstruction of a myth, it’s a public showing of the invisible, it’s engineering theater in action.

Free admission. Donations welcome