Premiere: 12-13 July 2019
Genre: Kinematic drama
Duration: 60 minutes

Production: AKHE Engineering theatre
On stage: Nik khamov, Maxim Isaev
Famulos: Alexander Chernetsky, Igor Ustinovich, Sergey Azeev, Alexander Koshkidko
Facilities: Nick Khamov
Music: Denis Antonov
Light: Alexander Golubev/ Dmitry Zheravov
Organizational support: Vadim Gololobov, Maria Tavapova

About the performance: 
The classic story is like public art, scenography is like an added reality to landscape view, elements and objects of an action are like a kinematic installation.
The “Faust. Labor” of t AKHE Theater is a multidisciplinary project that accumulates many genres and ideas of street art, accessible to understanding all ages and preferences.
In 2018, the kinematic drama “Faust 3.0” appeared in the repertoire of the GUNPOWDER (theater’s residence), in which the hero’s desire to achieve everything in the world turned into a desire to construct an ideal machine as a symbol of dominance. The literary basis was the “reincarnation” of the text written by Maxim Isaev based on Johann Shpis’s “People’s Book”. Theatrical production developed, ideas accumulated, new mechanisms appeared.
Finally, it became clear that in the classical space of a theatre these ideas and machinery become crowded in every sense. Therefore, AKHE decided to create a street version as a performance installation.The show itself with elements of the “new circus”, an interactive gig, a music concert (author’s music by theatre compouser Denis Antonov) and a magical attraction of objects is a vivid example of a modern synthetic project accessible for a various audience.
The performance was created as a kit, which makes it easy to adapt the scenography to the site: whether it is a factory hangar, port or central square. This “kit” does not need additional scaffolding, jenny or layher construction, the design is self-supporting, as well as environmentally friendly to any public place or landscape. Environmental friendliness is achieved in the use of material only from wood, paper, sand, clay. Also, scenography and kinematic objects are self-sufficient and are used as a art installation.