Opening show Trust for the Barents Spektakel Festival.

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In 2022 the world has changed and for many people the question arose: where will we go from here?
This is especially true for Russia’s neighbors and people associated with it historically, culturally and traditionally in a friendly manner. For this 2023 Barents Spektakel Festival the aim is to discover the answer through the exploration of the one initially
simple concept: TRUST.
Ak he will try to justify this hope by participating in the opening show of this festival as part of a multinational team. Together with tightrope walker from USA, Finnish screaming choir Mieskuoro Huutajat, local Kirkenes choir Crescendo we light the Festival up!
The Festival first started in 2004 and takes place in February, just when the long polar night comes to an end and this is very sympolic this year, as the one year war should be stop immediately.