Goodbye, dear Gala

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Our friend, colleague and accomplice in many of our experiments and productions, Gala Samoilova, has left.

She was a powerful resource, always playing over genre boundaries, pertly challenging conventions, and always willing to explore new horizons of character, space, and things around. Her courage on stage and in life was a source of strength and motivation for us and many fans and friends.

Beautiful not only externally, but also internally, she gave her soul to each of her images, filling it with uniqueness and individuality. Her career was full of bright and unforgettable roles, each of which left an unweathered impression on the history of our theater.

She made the audience laugh and cry, rejoice and suffer along with her heroes.

Goodbye, dear Gala. May your soul find a beautiful rebirth, and we will cherish your memory.

Forever yours Engineering Theater AKHE.