Premiere: December 22, 2022.
Stage Premiere: Theatre: Epee de Bois (Paris)
Genre: Dynamic sculpture
Duration: 60 minutes
Age category: 12+
Production: AKHE Engineering Theater
On stage: Maxim Isaev, Nick Khamov, Sergey Azeev Scenography: Nick Khamov
Music: Denis Antonov
Lighting designer: Vadim Gololobov
Organizational support: Vadim Gololobov


In its first milestone performance DEDALE, Akhe theater analyzes in detail the well-known myth about a man who found an engineering solution for the practical implementation of his dream.

Become free.

Escape from captivity and the price of freedom — under such angles, archaic history and fragile reality are refracted in the prism of mechanized akhe-scenography and apear dynamic sculpture DEDALE.

This is a detailed visual narrative made up of moving figures, a new circus, absurd clowning, empty space and time. it’s a subjective reconstruction of a myth, it’s a public showing of the invisible, it’s engineering theater in action.

Photo by Vlada Rusina