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Another year is coming to an end that has changed everything. Changed the course of history, moved people, changed their lives, revaluated existence.

For us, it was also marked by a radical shift towards the mind and freedom and that is why we are so obsessed with flights and the labyrinth in every sense of these words. Of course, like Faust ( about which we will write in the beginning of next year), the myth of Icarus and his father Daedalus has been seen through in our work since the initial era of the AKHE theater. Demiurge and conformity, freedom and the results of achieving goals, crime and sacrifice. Naturally, the street performance “Icarus” and its inside version of “Daedalus” became the first projects of AXE in Paris. “Dedalus” was shown on Christmas Eve, a play named after the inventor who created the labyrinth, but in reality about the desire to fly to freedom and what this desire can turn into. We are flying next year with the hope of an end to the fratricidal war for all of Ukraine and faith in justice and inevitability. We continue Daedalite and Icarite.



The Stone hall of the Theatre L’Epee de Bois. Production: AKHE theater Scenography: Nick Khamov In the Labyrinth: Maxim Isaev, Nick Khamov, Sergey Azeev Music: Denis Antonov Light: Vadim Gololobov. Camera and editing: Stepan Lyubimov Thanks for the organizational support Kirill Butchenik. Cartoucheri 2022.