Wet Wedding

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The nearest weekend at the Yellow Mill, a grandiose waterfall of ideas and a sea of performances will take place as part of the program “Great Navigators Discover the Grand Morin River. The AKHE Theater will not stand aside and will show the legendary “Wet Wedding”

“Wet Wedding” is a performance in which the traditional object environment becomes an engineering installation, and urban superstitions become an occasion to imitate a ritual where wine and acetone, dough and earth, Butoh dances and Thonet chairs, love and death are organically mixed. One of the impetuses for the creation of the performance was the acquaintance of the AKHE participants with the medieval text of the alchemist and theologian Johann Valentin Andree “The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz”. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_Rosicreutz’s Chemical_Wedding

Theater “AKHE” for the first time showed “Wet Wedding” at the street festival of the Theater Olympics in Moscow. Since 2001, the performance has traveled all over the world and finally reached the Yellow Mill. During this time, the performance has changed, many details have changed or developed. An important component in the aesthetics of the performance is water as a symbol of the beginning of life and one of the five elements of the universe. That is why the show always takes place in natural scenery on a water landscape. A new location always gives the performance unique nuances, and unusual emotions for the actors and the audience.