Premiere: 2023; work in progress
Genre: rotary interaction of mechanisms, people and elements
Duration: 60 minutes
Age category: 12+
Production: AKHE Engineering Theater
On stage: Maxim Isaev, Nick Khamov, Sergey Azeev
Scenography: Nick Khamov, Maxim Isaev
Music: Denis Antonov
Organizational support: Vadim Gololobov

Show,  Installation, new circus, physical theater — creation for 2023 . “Icar” is inspired by the well-known ancient myth of Icarus, who died after flying too close to the Sun while escaping from a labyrinth using wax wings and feathers created by his father Daedalus. The show is about the price of freedom and the only way to get it. The Escape of Icarus resonates with our experience, and encourages us  to reinvent the brilliant constructions of Daedalus in our own way.

Photo by Taya Ovod