Premiere: 2018
Genre: Industrial Saga
Duration: 60 minutes

Director, Stage: Engineering Theatre AKHE
Cast: Maxim Isaev, Pavel Semchenko, Nik Khamov
Lighting: Alexandr Kurganskiy
Sound: Denis Antonov
Organizational support: Vadim Gololobov, Maria Tavapova

About a performance:
The dictatorship of art! – No dictator knows its secrets. But suggestions can be found here: fire and water, litres of bubble bath, a giant pentagram-like wooden construction and throbbing music samples give birth to a wonderful new world. No need to crack tough nuts; instead break down their resistance. Burning chairs instead of blazing speeches, retreats from excessive demands instead of bloody tribunals, and healing mud instead of promises of salvation. Megalomania, frenzied movement and the attempt to appease the new gods of the virtual world with pure, unprotected sensuality.