Premiere: 2001
Genre: Аrea mystery
Duration: 60 minutes

Actors: Maksim Isaev, Pavel Semchenko, Yana Tumina/ Barbara Seifert, Aleksey Merkushev, Ilona Markarova, Maksim Didenko/ Nik Khamov
Music: Nick Sudnik
Sound: Andrey Sizintsev/ Denis Antonov
Light: Vadim Gololobov
Organizational support: Vadim Gololobov, Maria Tavapova

About a performance:
Wet Wedding is a street performance where traditional surroundings are transformed into a highly-engineered installation and urban myths become start-off point for the creation of contemporary ritual. In the piece, all organically mixed together, are wine and spirit, dough and soil, Butoh Dancing and Tonet Chairs.